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Gifts for Men

Incredible Value on Great Gifts for Any Occasion! Find unique gifts for him right here! Our gift ideas for men are carefully hand-picked by our experts to help you find that perfect gift for your father, husband, boyfriend, or brother on your list.

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    Quick Look 12-in-1 Wilderness Multi-Tool
    12-in-1 Wilderness Multi-Tool Don't take on the great outdoors without it! Helpful, hard working multi tool is great for hiking, camping, fishing and other adventures. Sturdy, compact design. Uses 2 AAA batteries, not included. 5¼"l.
    •Pop-out 3X binoculars
    •LED flashlight
    •Can and bottle opener
    •Flat head screwdriver
    •Safety whistle and saw
    •Blinking red LED emergency flasher
    •Serrated knife
    •Fish scaler and hook pull
    •Directional compass
    •Signaling reflector
    $19.99 $4.99
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  • Quick Look Armchair Organizer
    Armchair Organizer
    $14.99 $7.99
  • Quick Look Duct Tape Household Manual
    Duct Tape Household Manual
    $14.95 $9.99
  • Quick Look LED Light-Up Screwdriver
    LED Light-Up Screwdriver
    $12.99 $2.99
  • Quick Look Book Light  Magnifier
    Book Light Magnifier
    $6.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look Personal Gumball Machine
    Personal Gumball Machine
    $6.99 $1.99
  • Quick Look Sports Ball Puzzles
    Sports Ball Puzzles
    $9.99 $1.99
  • Quick Look 3-D Landmark Puzzles
    3-D Landmark Puzzles
    $4.99 $2.99
  • Quick Look LED Mini Headlamp
    LED Mini Headlamp
    $19.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look Magnetic Laser Level/Screwdriver Set
    Magnetic Laser Level/Screwdriver Set
    $14.99 $6.99
  • Quick Look Hide-A-Way Key Fob
    Hide-A-Way Key Fob
    $9.99 $3.99
  • Quick Look Sports Ball Bottle Stoppers
    Sports Ball Bottle Stoppers
    $4.99 $1.00
  • Quick Look Eternity Flashlight
    Eternity Flashlight
    $14.99 $9.99
  • Quick Look Wooden Brain Teasers Set - Set of 3
    Wooden Brain Teasers Set - Set of 3
    $12.99 $3.99
  • Quick Look Hook'em And Cook'em Cap
    Hook'em And Cook'em Cap
    $17.99 $2.99
  • Quick Look Baseball Nightlight
    Baseball Nightlight
    $4.99 $1.00
  • Quick Look Beer Soap
    Beer Soap
    $12.99 $1.99
  • Quick Look Hook'em And Cook'em Tee
    Hook'em And Cook'em Tee
    $17.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look LED Lighted Reading Glasses
    LED Lighted Reading Glasses
    $24.99 $3.99
  • Quick Look Telescoping Shoe Horn
    Telescoping Shoe Horn
    $14.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look Garage Time Cap
    Garage Time Cap
    $12.99 $5.99
  • Quick Look No Need to Nag Plaque
    No Need to Nag Plaque
    $17.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look Musical Keyboard Necktie
    Musical Keyboard Necktie
    $14.99 $6.99
  • Quick Look Sports Ball Case with Rain Poncho
    Sports Ball Case with Rain Poncho
    $4.99 $2.99
  • Quick Look Personalized Letter Opener
    Personalized Letter Opener
    $19.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look Tipsy Champagne Game
    Tipsy Champagne Game
    $12.99 $2.99
  • Quick Look LED Color Changing Alarm Clock
    LED Color Changing Alarm Clock
    $9.99 $4.99
  • Quick Look Essential Fishing Tool
    Essential Fishing Tool
    $9.99 $8.99
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